What Pelican Cottage Customers are Saying

Discover what so many people in Osprey, Venice, Englewood, and the entire Sarasota region already know - Pelican Cottage is THE place to get great new and used furniture.

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I discovered your Consignment shop a couple of years ago. It is like walking into a huge treasure chest, everything is so special, the old, the new and the unique art items. It is very well displayed, clean and high quality. When I leave your shop with one or more of your items, I feel really good. I know I found something I truly love and for a fantastic price. It always brings me back to buy more. You and your staff always greet me with a warm welcome and that is so appreciated. My home is filled with so many of your items, every time I look at them, I think what a great buy. I am the kind of person that likes to see other people enjoy things. I spread the word to everybody I know, telling them they must visit this Consignment Shop. It is for sure, One of kind.Sara J. Friend
We recently purchased a duplex on the Key and were in need of furnishing this rental property. I expressed to a neighbor that I was looking for coastal-style furniture and she recommended Pelican Cottage. When I browsed through the warehouse/showroom, it was definitely the style I was looking for. At the time, I did not even realize that some of the pieces were consigned. Everything was in amazing condition that it was difficult to distinguish the new from the consigned pieces. The prices were also reasonable and I was very impressed with the quality, as well. I ended up furnishing 2 living rooms and 3 bedrooms. A week later, I purchased a dining room set. Everybody that has seen my furnished units have told me they look like model homes. It is definitely worth a visit to Pelican Cottage!!Millie
Pelican Cottage is not your average consignment shop. Without a doubt, it is the very best place to find unusual and quality purchases. It is a pleasure to shop and browse. My sister in law, and I, furnished our newly bought condos with many purchases from Pelican Cottage. After visiting old and new shops, I can tell you that Consignment shops are not what they used to be. Pelican Cottage is far superior to all. It is a treasure. The ladies in charge are pleasant and eager to help you. Do yourself a favor and come visit.Tina
“As my wife and I told you while visiting Pelican Cottage, we were absolutely blown away by the awesome furniture you have and the way you display it. I’m not kidding when I say this – we have been to every single consignment/used furniture shop in Sarasota, Venice, and Englewood and none of them hold a candle to yours. We couldn’t tell what furniture was new and what was used – and the prices were so reasonable. Kudos to you for putting together a great shop and thank you for being so warm and friendly to us while we were there. We are going to tell everyone we know about you!!! We wish you great success. You certainly deserve it.”Tom & Samantha, Venice, Florida / Michigan
“I was looking for a very nice bedroom set and a friend told me about Pelican Cottage. I went to visit them and they had a set that was just perfect for me. Not only did they deliver it, they also set it up in my room. Nicki and Darrell also had wonderful ideas on how to make the best use of the space in my room. They were such great people to work with! I’m getting the best sleep I have ever gotten! Thank you guys so much.”Scott, Sarasota, Florida
“WOW!!! Without a doubt this is the best used furniture shop I have ever been too. The furniture is in such good condition, you’d think it was new. And the decorating and displays are amazing. You are both so creative. I will be sure to spread the word about Pelican Cottage to all my friends.” Kelly
“This is an amazing store! There is no store around like it, it is a one of a kind consignment store. The owners Darrell and Nicki are awesome as well – great people with a totally unique store. It is worth the trip, no matter where you live. Check out there new store also… The Flamingos Nest. The merchandise is perfect for your coastal home! Don’t miss these two unique stores.”Dennis, Sarasota, Florida
“On behalf of New Beginnings Ministries, I want to thank Darrell and Nicki Hoke for their donation helping our church help two families who are struggling financially. On two separate occasions their caring and selfless giving allowed our ministry to reallocate monies and able to purchase clothes for a needy child.

We didn’t ask for “help” or a “discount” they offered. I’ve told this story many times and continue to thank Darrell for caring. If all the businesses in this country were as considerate, we wouldn’t need government for assistance.

Their generosity is very much appreciated by our church and the families receiving help.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough.David, New Beginnings Ministry, Sarasota, Florida